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What other musicians and songwriters from all over the world have been saying about Chris Aable’s work
"Dude, genuinely love your music and especially your voice.
It almost reminds me of Interpol meets The Editors.
Nice arrangements. Warm and cozy. Strong lyrics"
-Aidan Parle, London, UK
Reverbnation Top 300s, Alternative / Folk Rock / Acoustic
"Very talented! I wish you continued success in your creativity. Much respect to you and your music!!!"
-Serge Grimalsky, Kiev, Ukraine
Reverbnation Rank #1, Classical / Piano / Instrumental
"You have such a great voice and good talent for arrangements....
really love the keyboards and bells....
the songs are dynamite! congrats on staying in the #2 position for so long...keep it going:)"
-Brown Apple (Shawn M. Haney)  Marietta, GA
Reverbnation Rank #42, Alternative / Cold Rock / Folk Soul
"Just stopping by to check out your great 'Rise Like the Sun'"
-Reggie Dark Productions, Tonbridge, UK
Reverbnation top 100s, Electronica / Drum & Bass / Ambient
"United People... is such a lovely song, Chris! Thank you for the LOVE!
Continued success in all you do! Blessings"
-Queen Diva, New York, NY
Reverbnation Rank #6,  Electronic Dance Music / R&B/Soul / Pop
"Nice vibe... I love it.."
-Prophecy Vibe, Broomfield, CO
Reverbnation Top 100s, Pop / Pop Reggae / Afro Pop
"You have some serious talent in the well composed music! Well done."
-Coach Roebuck, Weehawken, NJ
Reverbnation Top 200s, Electronica / Disco House / Nu Disco
"Thanks to love songs of Desireless Good luck to you ;-) David (Team of Desireless)"
-DESIRELESS, Buis Les Baronnies, France
Reverbnation Rank #3, Pop / Electropop / World
"Great message, unique and honest approach Chris! Great work!"
-Cherry Veil, Arvada, CO
Reverbnation Rank #60, Alternative / Rock / Pop
"Cool music man...I'm diggin it!!"
-Homemadesoul, Virginia Beach, VA
Reverbnation Top 100s, R&B / Soul / Singer/Songwriter / Smooth Jazz
"WOW, I havn't heard anything like this in a long time. Really great music! Keep it up!"
-JRHawkins, Venice, FL
Reverbnation Rank #4, Singer/Songwrter / Americana
"Great Music!!! Keep it up :)"
-Thamys, Hollywood, FL
Reverbnation Top 100s, R&B / Soul / Pop / Rap
"Nice work! Like your voice!"
-Alan Keeping, North Port, FL
Reverbnation Rank #17, Rock / Hard Rock / Metal
"Your voice sounds so lovely on "Let a Little Love..."
-Rebecca Zapen, Saint Petersburg, FL
Rverbnation Rank #14, Folk / Jazz / Classical Violin
"Very nice music! Nice melodies and good songwriting!"
-Peter Marchand, Elmpt, Germany
Reverbnation Rank #1, Folk / Alternative / Folk Rock
"Hey Chris, I really enjoyed your positive tunes. Very peaceful !"
-Bruce Landis, Williston, FL
Reverbnation Rank #18, Rock / Folk / Other
"Great music a lot of talent here :) keep up the good work."
-DJ Rhythm Dave Productions, Isle Of Wight, UK
Reverbnation Rank #36, Electronica / Atmosphereic Drum and Bass / Etc.
"Yes! i love conscious music with a positive message, great work! keep it going."
-LANE, Decatur, GA
Reverbnation Rank #36, Alternative / Rock / Folk / Soul
"Enjoying your music thoroughly! Thanks so much!!"
-Erica Brown, Denver, CO
Reverbnation Rank #45, Blues / R&B
"Cool Sound! Let a little love! Thanks for sharing :-)"
-Sheila Ann Smith, Calgary, AB, Canada
Reverbnation Rank #1, Christian/Gospel / Worship / Contemporary
"You are awesome! Very talented:) Thanks for sharing your creativity:)"
-Tony Gullidge, Gainesville, FL
Reverbnation Rank #1, Singer/Songwriter
"Many People say! Many People Say! - Great track and so positive.
Glad to have stopped by. Greetings from Manchester, UK"
-PoWlo, Manchester, UK
Reverbnation Rank #5, Funky Breaks / Chillout
"Hey Chris, Great groove my friend...Enjoy your work!"
-Ricky Leonard, Homosassa Springs, FL
Reverbnation Rank #1, Other / Native American
"Positivity is infectious! This music just makes me feel even better"
-Dirk on Drums, Seattle, WA
Reverbnation Top 200s, Alternative
"Thanks so much Chris :-) Keep Shining Your Light and Stay Blessed, Nyilahx"
-Nyilah London, UK
Reverbnation Top 400s, R&B / Soul / Pop
"United People song is very great :) very soothing"
-Social Hour, Chicago, IL
Reverbnation top 100s, Rock / Trance / Visual
"Great richness to your sound - enjoying a listen ;)"
-Khamsina, Reading, UK
Reverbnation Rank #2, Alternative / Acoustic / Pop
"Your music sounds really interesting and chilled out. Nice one!"
-Nick Bowley  London, UK
Reverbnation Top 100s, Rock / Instrumental / Melodic
"Thanks for sharing your messages, Chris! I love the way you think!"
-Sally Bell Birmingham, AL
Reverbnation Rank #11, Folk / Motivational / Acoustic


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