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Katira Alvarez

Written by Super User.

Katira Alvarez

Katira Alvarez is a Los Angeles based performing artist. She began dancing when she was five, did her first professional play when she was twelve and grew up in a family of singers. She studied classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance for fifteen years and has worked as a graphic designer and in commercial production. She is also a singer, songwriter and playwright. Throughout the years she has created a series of original works that synthesize her visual, theatrical, musical and movement backgrounds. Her belief in the role of art as a social catalyst is a major part of her artistic approach and her work is infused with her faith in the capacity of human beings to overcome and evolve. She is an original member of the Malacosoma Performance Coalition, a group of like minded artists who collaborate regularly in a variety of projects. She is currently working on a series of movement based video art pieces.

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