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RCM : Rockefeller Creative Media

Who are we?

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RCM aka Rockefeller Creative Media,, previously Levitra known as Real Cool Music

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Our Artists

Chris Aable

Chris grew up around big names in music. His father was a friend of Elvis Presley, born the same year & tiny town where both would sneak into State Fairs together.

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Katira Alvarez

Katira Alvarez is a Los Angeles based performing artist. She began dancing when she was five, did her first professional play when she was twelve and grew up in a family of singers.

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Stephen Valentino

Stephen Valentino is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SYR, Inc., and the on-air Host of “Serves You Right ®” on CRN Radio Networks, nationwide.

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Take The Red

A Band born in South Central, Los Angeles! We have a new demo, which will be up soon, and Merch is definitely on its way as well! We're very open to music and would love to play at your show!

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